To discover the Romanesque at Canavese: Plebeian Church of San Maurizio – San Ferreolo at Grosso



Who could imagine that in some villages of the outskirts of Turin, inside small churches that go unnoticed by their exterior construction, are some of the most valuable known frescoes of Piedmont? Continue reading


Estancia Montelén: a Neo Gothic church and a ruined school in the forest


Do you want to find a Neo-Gothic chapel half destroyed in the middle of an overgrown forest, hidden in a dark recess of the wet pampas? Do you want to visit a place “full of pics”? Put on your GPS that the final destination to Maximo Fernandez. Continue reading

Ovahe: a beach of reddish volcanic origin


Ovahe Beach is a hidden gem in Easter Island. Located 30 km from the town of Hanga Roa, is famous  because  the seabed is clear enough for snorkeling and diving. This small beach, which is rather a cove, is surrounded by cliffs of reddish volcanic origin. Its waters are turquoise color and its fine sand is of pink color product of the mixture of the red volcanic slag and the eroded white coral.

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Sweet Sea: Río de la Plata


Buenos Aires City

Life is passion. My passions are photography and yacht. Both gave and give me the chance to know new places, to live unique experiences and to witness magical events. As a Yacht Master Ocean Unlimited I can assure that one of the most interesting places to navigate is Rio de la Plata, a great river called first Sweet Sea (Mar Dulce). Continue reading

Sierra de las Quijadas: a “must seen”on your list


A striking red desert, made of stone, clay and earth, is the imposing natural spectacle of those who visit the Sierra de las Quijadas National Park in the province of San Luis, Argentina. It is a reserve that is not among the most famous in the country and possibly, from there, arises one of the reasons to visit this singular site that also contains a very attractive paleontological reserve. Continue reading