Ovahe: a beach of reddish volcanic origin


Ovahe Beach is a hidden gem in Easter Island. Located 30 km from the town of Hanga Roa, is famous  because  the seabed is clear enough for snorkeling and diving. This small beach, which is rather a cove, is surrounded by cliffs of reddish volcanic origin. Its waters are turquoise color and its fine sand is of pink color product of the mixture of the red volcanic slag and the eroded white coral.

The Ovahe Beach has no Moai, restaurants or “facilities”. It’s pristine and untouched, and also dangerous because the large boulder were falling off a cliff above.

Ovahe was the place of residence of the ancient natives. You can still see caves on the cliff wall and remains of an ancient ceremonial crematorium. Occasionally, the beach is impacted by large swells that remove large amounts of sand that is slowly recovering naturally. In the year 2012, this phenomenon produced a detachment of stones that left in sight ancient archaeological remains, among which bones were found dated in more than 200 years.

The beach is beautiful, serene and magical and a great photo opportunities too.

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