Playa Prohibida (with the fascination of the fobidden things)


Cuba has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. All the “Cayos” are great. But there is a beautiful place where nature and sea combine in perfect harmony to achieve a practically unspoilt environment. It is ideal for lovers of ecotourism and- of course- for photographers.

“Playa Prohibida” it’s a must see place in the Cayo Coco.

By bike, along the only road that borders the coast, the way to the beach is wonderful. Surrounded only of wild and virgin nature, the wind and beautiful landscapes by the Caribbean Sea inspired all who loves photography.

At the end of the road you can see a “ranchón”, with a “catwalk” to the beach in rustic wood. There works a little bar called: Lenny’s. It’s a cutest beach restaurant, decorated with license plates from around the world (but mostly Canada). It is called Lenny’s after a Canadian guy -who practically lives in Cayo Coco -he’s there so often. Lenny’s is the only thing on the beach.

Playa Prohibida sounds all mysterious and prohibited, but it is wonderful. Perhaps this natural beauty is the reason of the name: it produces an attraction similar to the forbidden things.

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