Sweet Sea: Río de la Plata


Buenos Aires City

Life is passion. My passions are photography and yacht. Both gave and give me the chance to know new places, to live unique experiences and to witness magical events. As a Yacht Master Ocean Unlimited I can assure that one of the most interesting places to navigate is Rio de la Plata, a great river called first Sweet Sea (Mar Dulce).

This is the widest river in the world. You can’t see the opposite side! Extends to 220 km in its wider part. The river forms the border between Argentina and Uruguay. Is a river or is a sea? It has maritime behavior (high and low tides) but its water is sweet.

The city of Buenos Aires was built with its backs to the river but discover another attractive and unusual view of the city by the river is great. What’s cuter than watching the sunset and the moon rise? Watch it from a sailboat in the middle of the river with a drink in your hand! The nocturnal navigation allows to enjoy the sunset in Rio de la Plata and the waking of the moon. It is a different experience: you could do it in the darkness barely illuminated by the brightness of the stars, listening to the whisper of the wind and the gliding of the yacht through the water.

This moment is perfect to take some pictures, like these I post here.

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