Gramado: a forest within another


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In the Sierra Gaúcha, in the South of Brazil, there is a lovely area that it doesn’t look like “Brazil.” This is a land of highlands populated by folks of German and Italian descedents. Gramado is a branch of the Black Forest within the Amazonian jungle.

What makes Gramado so special? There are few reasons:

  • It’s clean and tidy.
  • There is a German influenced architecture.
  • There are festivals throughout the year; some of the biggest are around the Christmas-New Year season, Easter and Wintertime.
  • There are museums and attractions for every taste, raging from a Perfume museum to a little theme park for the kids.
  • You’ll find chocolate shops everywhere.
  • Santa has a House here.
  • There’s a lot of flowers everywhere named “Hortensias”.
  • Gramado has several green areas like Black Lake. The German folks imported pine seedlings from Black Forest in Germany to be planted all around the newly formed lake’s rim.
  • Near Gramado is a railway station that offers a trip on a steam train of the XIX century.

One of the most important features of Brazil is its Carnival. However, Gramado offers a unique experience: the longest Christmas (2 month) because there is a theme park about Santa and all its inhabitants contribute to the decoration of public places and shops.

If you live in South America and want to visit a location that resembles the spirit of alpine tradition, this is the ideal spot.

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