Epecuén, bewitched by salt


Who has not seen those desolate landscapes of Starwars or Star Trek? How many times have we asked ourselves how they create these fascinating and mysterious places? Behind a tragic and sad history, at the province of Buenos Aires (650 km from the Capital District), in a place called Epecuén you could find this landscapes, that were crafted by destructive hand of nature.

In 1921, by the side of the Lake Epecuén, was build a village with spa, health resorts and baths because the waters of the lake have a unique salinity, appreciated for the people who had bone problems. Almost 25.000 turists selected this destination throw out the year.

In 1985, a flooding, submerged completely the city, forcing the inhabitans to evacuate the city. A few years ago, the waters began to retreat, living insight ruins of the village, that became the attraction for photographers, anthropologists and journalists.

The salt burned everything that touched: trees, buildings, everyday stuff. It’s like a Pompeii of salt.

I leave you some pics in order to add this destination in your camera roll.

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