St. Jacques-Lac Bleu- Valle Ayas


Lac Bleu

The village of Saint Jacques belongs to the municipality of Ayas, in the province of Aosta, Italy. It’s located at the foot of the Monte Rosso, the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps. This village contains – like all the Val’Ayas towns- a lot of buildings like churches, chapels, caves, strongly influenced by the Church. All of them painted to particular artistic genres. This is the reason why is nice to walk the village to take pics.

From the square of Saint Jacques  goes the road to the forest. This way must be done on foot. It’s not difficult and the view of the valley, when you climb, is great. When the road becomes plane the landscape is similar to Switzerland, with mountain refuges, animals cribs and huges and vasts praires. After crossing the forest, you will climb a plateau from which you can see the mountain range that precedes Monte Rosso, the glaciers and the Lac Bleu (2.297 m.), an amazing and calm place to take pics for doing screensavers.

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