Ponte del Diavolo or the forest of the Ring Community


Ponte del Diavolo

Lanzo Torinese is a comune in Turin (Torino), Piemonte, Italy. It’s located about 30 km or Turin in the Valli di Lanzo.

In the centre of the village we can see the Aymone di Challant Tower (1329–57), the main entrance of the medieval village. This property, not open to visitors (except for it’s wing used as a public library), housed in niches and watchtowers of defense. Today this tower is the symbol of the city. From this North entrance of the fortified walls branched off the main access road to the castle, intersected by steep transversal streets – characteristics chintane – crossed by mutual support arches of the buildings. The first chintana we meet, on the left, is the “Chintana Cordero” who falls in Gallenga square. Lanzo is a small town, with little streets that preserve the medieval design and that allow us to lose ourselves in them. Excellent location for photographing medieval architecture.

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On the border of the town of Lanzo there is a distinctive bridge consists of a single arch 37 meters long. It’s call “Devil’s Bridge” (Ponte del Diavolo). This term applied to dozens of ancient bridges in Europe. It was built near 1300 and it represents one of the most interesting constructions of the whole area. This bridge was built to connect Lanzo to Turin avoiding passage in territories ruled by the Prince of Acaia of the Montferrat’s Marquesses. Each of Devil’s Bridge has a corresponding folktale. The legend of this one tells how the inhabitants of Lanzo had build the bridge twice but that many times this had collapsed. The Devil set out to build a bridge that would not collapse, but in return would take the soul of the first person to cross it. The inhabitants accepted the offer and when the bridge was finished did go first to a little pig. The Devil, furious at the insult suffered, slammed his paws around the rocks forming the characteristic “Gigants”, still visible behind the Chapel of St. Rocco located at the entrance of the bridge on the side of Lanzo. The bridge is located in the park, near Stura River. Nothing to envy to the forest that crossed the Ring Community.

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