Aiguille du Midi: a jump to the void



Aiguille du Midi is one of the Aiguilles of Chamonix, a rock in a raw state. They are in the heart of the Mont Blanc area, where you can see the glaciers, giants of ice that fascinates people. From its heigh of 3.777 m, Aiguille du Midi offer a 360 view of all the French, Swiss and Italian Alps and if the day is clever, you could see the Mont Blanc (not my case).

Our trip began in Courmayeur (Italy), taking the 360 rotating cable car of the Skyway Mont-Blanc to Punta Helbronner (Italy). There you could buy a cable car ticket to Aiguille du Midi (France). The length of the section is 5.093 m vertical drop and is the most spectacular section from the vantage point of view and technically: it was not possible to construct a suspension tower based in the glacier, so the cable car is suspended only with a hide density iron wire.

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As soon as you step off the cable car you find yourself in another world. A unique place of the top of Aiguille du Midi that will make you feel as if you were on an outpost in a fare away place. The pictures you can take from the balcony are unique. The hole building sits at the top of the rock with a tunnel that connects to different places. The hole place is build within the rock.


The top of the rock

It’s an excellent spot to take lot of panoramics shots.

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